Women On Corporate Boards

Balanced leadership provides encompassing perspective, enriched decision making and, studies show, enhanced financial results.


Our goal is to bring about change through education. The facts are significant.


The Women’s Economic Development Council (WEDC) commissioned this study of the current status of women in corporate governance and executive leadership in Alabama-based public companies with the express purpose of sharing it with business and community leaders.  A brochure reporting the results of the study and a supplement containing the details of the study can be downloaded using the link below.  We will continue to track and report this status and look forward to sharing trend data in future years.


We seek to right the ship, as it currently lists heavily to one side. Boardrooms should be occupied only by qualified, accomplished individuals. The talent pool of such women leaders is being underutilized in Alabama public corporations. Women directors bring needed balance to corporate governance impacting boardroom decisions positively and constructively affecting better company performance.


Take the wheel and promote improved representation of qualified women on corporate boards and in executive leadership positions. It makes very sound business sense.

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